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Please send us your "sea-hued” articulations, your internal churning, and submersions, in the form of your best water-related TEXT, SOUND, & VISUAL ART. We especially encourage translations and international submissions; works that feature or figure signals, codes, or ciphers; communications that are adrift; works that reference displacement (of language, of culture), eroding borders, erosion. We are equally interested in works of a fantastic nature as we are of those that investigate the ethical and aesthetic considerations of how the ocean / open seas have been victim to, and location of imperialism and displacement. We seek visual work that speaks to, plays with, and works within the nature of water; creative and documentary works that capture the human relation—joyous, tragic, and harmful—to the oceans, whether historical, mythical, or of the future.

Flounder Fish Sketch

Go outside to a water body and video tape it. Post to your IG Stories and tag @twoifbyseapress to have us repost. Click button to the left for more details.


Two If By Sea welcomes submissions of (TEXT) fiction, nonfiction, poetry, and everything in between or beyond, (VISUAL ART) photos, drawings, painting, etc. (less illustrative, more translative), and (SOUND ART) immersive, personal, and exploratory narrative, for the print and online version of our journal. Please include the type of submission in the subject field of your email. You are welcome to submit up to 10 poems or up to 5000 words of prose. Visual submissions should be a maximum of 10 pieces and should be accompanied by a brief statement of intent. Please send us only work that has been previously unpublished (if translation, it's okay to have been published in other languages). We especially welcome voices that are often excluded, underrepresented, or silenced. Please do not send work that promotes intolerance, hateful rhetoric, or embraces racist, misogynistic, or homophobic ideation—it will be rejected, as will any works in which a dog is killed. Thank you.

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