ABOUT Two If By Sea


Water as resistance. Water as passage. Water as magic. Water as message.


Two If By Sea is a journal of water. 


Water, bordered by our internal contours or bound to earth (the eroding of land, the sifting of self) circulates our collective geographies and facilitates communication and connection—our overlapping currents, our signaling to one another across the expanse. 


Water can offer passage or bring doom or displacement; it can set one adrift. Water distorts sound to the body perceiving it, whether by distance or submersion, just as our perspective distorts what each of our senses perceive. Is water, then another human sense?


Water as wonder, as plane of imperialism, as container of mysteries, fables, and human poisons. The sea of our blood and the sea of the globe falls and rises to give breath. Or, our shoulders are barnacled with seashells. 


What is the language of water?

Two If By Sea is a newly-launched print and online literary and art journal published by the sirene of Two If By Sea Press. Each print issue will include visual art by featured artists, and a selection of text chosen from our open submissions. An online preview will be published in Summer 2019, and the print version will be available in Winter 2019 / 2020. The online journal will feature additional visual, sound, and textual art. Now accepting submissions through August 15th!​


Laura Vena is a writer, teacher, translator, animal activist, and curator whose work has appeared in Bombay Gin, Super Arrow, Tarpaulin Sky, In Posse Review, The Dirty Fabulous, Antennae and elsewhere. Her book, x/she: stardraped, which was the winner of the 1913 Press First Book Prize by John Keene is available here. She was nominated for a Pushcart Prize for the same work by Debra Di Blasi. Laura holds an MFA in Creative Writing and Critical Studies from CalArts and is interested in works of a fantastic nature and those that investigate the ethical and aesthetic considerations of representation. Laura is the Fiction Editor at Entropy Magazine, and is the Founder and Creative Director of Blockhead Brigade, an organization that seeks to help Pit Bull type dogs & their families in need. You can find her online at www.lauravena.com

Megan Broughton is an L.A./Napa based artist, cellist, writer, editor, and freelancer. Her work has been exhibited in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Napa, New York, and Barcelona and she has held residencies at The Earthfire Institute in Tetonia Idaho, Can Serrat in Barcelona Spain, and The Arctic Circle in Svalbard Norway (2019). She has taught with multiple arts programs including the CalArts Community Arts Partnership, CSSSA, NOMAD Lab, and The Oxbow School. Her writing has been featured in FANZINE, Enclave, and Entropy, where she is a Contributing Editor. She earned a BFA in Fine Art from the California Institute of the Arts (CalArts) in 2012 and is a CalArts Bay Area Alumnx Chapter Leader. You can see more of Megan's work here

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